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Meet Ashley, Our Founder


Ashley Matheny grew up in the mountains of Morgantown, West Virginia. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education K-6 and Multi-Categorical Education K-6. She served as a passionate elementary educator in public schools for over four years until she decided to make a difference in new ways.


For the past several years, she has enjoyed being an online teacher, as well as curriculum and content writer. She has a passion for learning and teaching that extends beyond the classroom. For this reason, she is excited to also become a certified Holistic Life Coach because she loves empowering children to tap into their own thinking and to be their own problem-solvers so that they will develop into adults with unlimited potential.


She believes that all children can learn and takes it as a responsibility to challenge students, while also meeting them where they are so that they can grow from there. She is an avid lover of discovery learning and all things chocolate.


Creativity and the arts are also her interests. She can usually be found singing about anything and everything. Her main interests are traveling, tutoring, music, meditation, reading, writing, and her pets. She always looks forward to connecting with students and families in her community and online because every family’s story is so unique.  

She has a passion for learning and teaching that extends beyond the classroom. 

Our Mission
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