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  • How does online tutoring work?
    We begin with an initial consultation and an assessment. I do an in depth assessment of the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Next, I create an individualized plan for each student that will close the reading gap quickly. In the additional subjects, this academic plan will be made to guide the student in reaching his or her goals as quickly as possible. Then, we begin working together weekly, which is where the magic happens! Approximately every 90 days, I reassess to evaluate the progress that had been made and to adjust instruction so that we can continue maximizing our results.
  • What does a typical session look like?
    All sessions are 100% individualized based on the needs of your child and the results of the initial assessment. I will update you on the structure that I recommend and intend to follow; keep in mind that although routines are important, I believe in challenging students (and keeping them engaged!) and so every week will have some variety. If a student is already on grade level, I will provide them with enrichment to allow them to use their higher-order and critical thinking skills. All lessons are pre-planned, but we can always add in homework when you email me or speak with me before or at the beginning of class. I’m so excited to work with you!
  • What do I need to do online tutoring?
    -computer with Google chrome and Skype installed -external mouse, stylus, or touch screen (to aid in writing) -paper and pencil -headset with inline mic -webcam (many are built in) -a possibility mindset 😇
  • Is online tutoring hard?
    When I first jumped into online teaching, I thought it would be so hard to keep the attention of my students and that the engagement would be less than in the regular classroom. It turns out, I WAS WRONG! I have found that I am more effective with students one-one-one online than I ever was in the classroom because they get my undivided attention in the comfort of their homes. We have unlimited resources at the touch of a button. Learning can still be fun and is even more productive! The results I see within my students is why I believe so much in the power of virtual education. How much better can it get? I’m excited to chat with you to provide you with a demo and an orientation session!
  • How long is a session?
    For many students in K-2, a full 50-minute session works wonders. I vary the instruction and often teach with some movement for younger students; the hour seems to fly by! I do have a 25 minute option for every age group to meet any needs you may have. I recommend the 50- minute session for most students because we can accomplish the most in this amount of time. There are several components to the routines I develop, so engagement, focus, and energy are easy and fun to maintain!
  • What is your cancellation policy? What about technical issues?
    I do not offer refunds for missed sessions. If you cancel 24 hours before a missed session, I will work with you to reschedule at your earliest convenience. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged for the session. In order to cancel, you must email me directly or call/text if email is not possible. I am very understanding about emergencies, and if there is something that will keep your child from focusing their best, please let me know and I will do my best to make accommodations. Thank you for understanding that I cannot always reschedule sessions. If you have technical difficulties, I will call and coach you through them during the session. If they are on your end, we will work to fix them together and then conduct the rest of the class. It is very rare, but if technical difficulties are happening on my end, you will always get your time and arrangements will be made accordingly. Because things do come up in this online learning environment, sessions are not refundable unless my tech issues are longer than 15 minutes. Thanks for your mutual patience if we ever have to troubleshoot briefly. Again, tech issues are generally uncommon and quick to resolve. If there is no contact and the student does not show up for a session, you will still be charged the full amount.
  • What are the scheduling options?
    I primarily work Monday-Thursday. If you would like to inquire about another day, please contact me and I will work to accommodate you as long as my schedule allows.
  • How do I pay for sessions?
    We will build a customized package just for you and go from there. It is a general requirement to pay one month in advance (ex. You will pay for the four sessions for March on March 1st.) If you need a different arrangement, please let me know. I accept payments and set up invoices on PayPal, so you must have or create a PayPal account. This is the most secure, easy, and dependable way to pay online at this time. If you are local, I do accept other methods.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Yesss! Who doesn’t love saving $$$? I am happy to offer discounts to the following: -men and women in the service -first-responders -educators -West Virginians! -multiple children -referrals Please contact me today to discuss discounts!
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