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COVID-19 and our communities: How your kids can learn from home in 2020!

I know everyone is both posting about and hearing about the COVID-19 frenzy. Yes, it is a serious virus, but it is also manageable. Many school systems are closing their doors to help stop the possibilities of it spreading within their schools, which means our kids are about to become very bored and many will have more free time which you can help them turn into PRODUCTIVITY! Let's talk about how.

Yes, we can turn this negative into a positive!

Actually, I'm not here to talk about the virus. I'm here to talk about some options you have while your kids are out of school and beyond.

Many schools have scraped together quick plans for students during this break including everything from learning packets to online instruction...BUT what if you could engage your child even more?

Even in this chaos, there are opportunities for you to use this time for goodness and growth. What if your child could use this time to catch up or even get ahead? What if they could learn all of those words and/or math facts they've been missing this school year?

The GREAT news is that THEY CAN!

In fact, I will be sending out a FREE guide later this week with my insider's list of AMAZING resources and ideas to help your child catch up or gain enrichment during this time. Simply input your email below and I will get it to your inbox ASAP!

Before you go, I also want to give you the opportunity for MORE than I can offer in the free guide. . .It's full of tons of great info., but I'm the kind of person that when I have more value to give, I need to share it with you.

If you've seen enough of your child falling behind in school or if you know your child or teen needs to be challenged on a higher level, I want to have a little chat with you. If you're reading this, I'm sure you know that our company (led by me, Ashley Matheny) is comprised of a network of highly qualified professional educators with decades of experience. I am opening these free consultations up to only 10 people in March because I will be providing them personally with as much TLC and individualization as possible. Once the list gets to 10, you will automatically be added to the waitlist. Would you like to be one of these 10 parents to get this for FREE ?

In our chat, you will be able to learn and ask questions about our exclusive virtual, individualized tutoring, coaching, and group offerings. I will also provide your child with a brief tech orientation to our online classroom and a brief assessment to help you determine if online education is a good fit for them.

So, if you've had enough & you want to go beyond the free e-mail, AND you're ready to see the possibilities of customized virtual learning, input your info. below!

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