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A New Way to do Middle School

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Engaging, Individualized, & Rigorous Curriculum

Our curriculum is not bound by any national or state standards. We use standard grade-level curriculum standards as a guide, allowing our students' needs to guide and inform instruction. Common Core Standards are also used as a guide because we have found that combining traditional curriculum with Common Core methodology helps children to build a solid foundation.  Formal and informal assessment is used to gauge student needs and we go from there! Everything we teach is adapted to meet the needs of our students. 


Continual Opportunities for Connection & Socialization


We keep our class sizes small to moderate in size to maximize engagement and connection among students and teachers.

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Maximized Growth


with Multi-Level Class Groupings

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Our philosophy is that when youth of mixed abilities are grouped together, everyone gets what they need to learn from each other collaboratively and to reach the next level. For example, for the 2022-2023 school year, we will be offering 6th-7th and 7th-8th grade classrooms.  As we grow, we will add even more classrooms.

Less Time = MORE Learning Model


We truly believe that success and achievement require dedication and effort, however, that doesn't mean that adolescents need to be in classes for 6+ hours per day to learn optimally. Our classes are structured with power hours and movement in mind! This means that in 60-90 minute school days, meeting Monday through Thursday, we will meet and exceed our learning goals! Yes, we offer additional courses and learning time for enrichment subjects and topics, but our amazing framework happens within this model.

Affordable Tuition Rates,

Exceptional Value


We believe that exceptional private education should be accessible to anyone who desires it. Therefore, we have set our price point to be much less than your average private school. online courses, or tutoring programs. The rate you will be paying for tuition will translate into exponential growth and individualized attention for your child, all without leaving the comforts of your home. When children feel safe and valued, their attention and learning potential become practically limitless, making the value of this immersive schooling priceless!


We also offer discounts to military families, first responder families, and for multiple siblings. We are working on our scholarship program for the upcoming school year, so please contact our founder at for more information or if you need an alternate payment plan. We are expanding our finance options because we do not want cost to be an issue for anyone who feels aligned with our heart-centered programming. Also, we are working to become a vendor for charter schools. If you would like for us to apply for your state, please let us know.

Tuition Rates for the 2022-2023 School Year

Semester Rate: $1749

Entire Year of schooling: $3498

Month-to-month rate: $399

*If you are interested in our program, but would like to apply for financial assistance or a scholarship, please click this link to apply.



All times listed are in Eastern Standard Time.

Tentative Schedule for 2022-2023​

*We love mixed age level groups because everyone learns from each other and classes are able to be both challenging and engaging on an even higher level!

*As enrollment increases, we will add additional classes for each individual grade level. Our lead teacher for all grade levels will be our highly qualified founder and teacher, Ms. Ashley Matheny.

Additional amazing teachers are currently being selected for our add-on classes and will be announced soon! Add-on classes will take place one hour before or after the scheduled times for each grade level.

Middle School Classes:

Monday through Thursday at 12:15 PM EST; Additional times coming soon!



Click below to apply or to sign up for a free consultation to learn more and to see if this is a good fit for your family!

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