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Power Hours!

Let's Accelerate Your Child's Learning!

























































































































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I am so excited and ready to offer this IN-Person option for homeschoolers! We are starting in Fairmont, WV once per week but there’s no telling where & how else we may land!
✨These “power hours” will be focused on reading, math, and social-emotional learning. Because of the wide age groupings, everything will be scalable and a lot will be open-ended to promote higher-order thinking skills + to be great for all ages within each group.More details to come…feel free to ask any and all questions!
(Also, yes, I schedule in “ish” times because flexibility is a great reason we homeschool, right?!)
Beginning Fridays in October:
-12-1:15 ish all ages learning fun!
-1:15-1:45 ish Power Hour add-on for 4th grade & up where we will dive into additional topics based on student needs determined by Miss Ashley.
*Sessions are $12/week or $8 each for siblings + may include:
***Connecting & socialization time
***Social Emotional Learning Activities
***Whole group instruction
***Learning centers
***Add on enrichment options announced monthly
Who's ready to join us?
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