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Suggested School Supplies

In order to keep us organized and efficient, please create a workspace for your child/children. Please put these items in a bin or organizational system that either stays in one place or that they can move and keep in tact. Many families like using backpacks on the back of their child's desk chair! Any of these items can be purchased anywhere, I am simply providing Amazon links for many items for ease. Please have a printer hooked up and ready for you to use as well. You may already have many of these things and so feel free to simply gather them- there's no need to buy new things unless you want to :)

I am so excited to get started! If for some reason you cannot get these things right now, no worries- we will work with what we have! Have a great day!

For everyone:

  • Loose leaf notebook paper and/or several spiral notebooks- they will use one at a time throughout the year, but having backups to replenish is great! 

  • 1 1-inch 3 ring binder (or any small-ish size) with a tab for each subject (RLA- Reading& Language Arts, Math, STEAM, Other/Miscellaneeous) My recommendation to you is to have this notebook for your child. Then, create a larger 2 inch binder with the same tabs. Periodically, go through their binders and transfer completed items to your binder which can become their homeschool portfolio for this year if you are in a state that requires this. Google classroom and our report cards are also records, but this is a gread additional system.

  • 3 hole punch that your child has access to, so they can put any worksheets, etc. in the binder mentioned above.

  • A Journal notebook they choose and LOVE! (They may need a second later in the year. Show them how to write on one page and then the next, not skipping pages. :)

  • art paper/sketch book of any size or a small stack of printer paper  

  • pencils/pens/crayons/markers/colored pencils (any or all of the choices)

  • pencil sharpener

  • highlighters (2 colors at least)

  • ruler

  • index cards- one pack for now and a couple for keeping for later

  • Glue sticks, a bottle of glue (for some projects outside of class most likely) and scissors

  • small whiteboard and marker and something to erase with 😀 Please stash some backup markers because they will "die" ;) I recommend the thick ones, especially for little ones. They tend to press too hard on the small tips. 

  • headphones with a microphone--->REQUIRED for this year. One-on-one this is not an issue but this is always helpful in a group. It is so important for us to hear each other WELL because it saves time and me asking them to repeat themselves.

  • Tissues/band-aids so they don't have to roam when needed- Gross fun fact: You'd be surprised by how many scabs we picked and paper cuts we got last year.  

  • Model magic, clay, or play dough (Can be kept in a side area if distracting for your child)

  • I will also have students gather household items for STEAM projects at times prior to specific projects 😀

If anything else is needed, I will let you know with as much notice as possible. Please note that I do adjust plans when needed 😇 

Extras for elementary K-3:

The poppers are for segmenting, spelling, and math. They only need 1-2 small containers of Play-Doh at a time. Please place the math manipulatives in baggies or a container so they can access them easily.

Extras for 4th and up:

  • a pad of graph paper

  • white out if they choose to use pen sometimes- so they don't have to scribble or start over

  • a scientific calculator

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