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Highlights for Busy Parents

YOU get to choose your own schedule so that your child gets as much of what they need as you choose! This also keeps the rate flexible----->Dropping in daily or weekly will still make a great positive impact for your child. 

Your child will have FUN, while avoiding summer learning loss. 

We begins June 13th and will run for 8 weeks, 3 days per week (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.)

Kids in grades K-2/3 (depending on their interests and developmental level) will meet at 9AM-10:15 EST. Grades 3-5 will meet 10:30-11:45 PM. Middle schoolers will meet 11:45-1 PM.

Camp will be led primarily by Miss Ashley Matheny AND special guests who are experts in their fields and will be sharing amazing hands-on lessons with us. Themes are similar to last year, but programming will be different and fresh!

We will learn, play, create, meditate, build, serve, socialize, and more!

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Camp Create & GROW

Engaging Weekly Themes

Week One

Back in Time with DINOSAURS! 


Week two

Exploring Land & Sky Creatures!


Week Three

Diving deep with Sea Creatures!


Week Four

Let's Invent!



Art in Our World!


Week six

Wonders of Our World!

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Week seven

Math Around Us and in EVERYTHING!


Week Eight

Connect, Serve, & HAVE FUN!

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Will there be lessons?

Yes, of course...we will have time for work & PLAY!

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We want to be honest with you. Summer learning loss is a REAL thing.

In fact, it can erase gains from the school year and we want to keep all of those gains we have worked hard for!


Naturally, we all need to have fun and decompress during summer- AND we want your child to have ALL OF THE FUN, but we also want them to grow and avoid any summer learning losses-----> So, I thought I would create a program with FUN and CONNECTION built right in! 

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