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Let's Focus on What's Most Important This School Year

One of the most important lessons we can teach and share with our children and students as we continue another school year is: YOU MATTER.

As silly as it sounds and as cliche as it may be, THIS IS VITAL. When youth feel like they matter, they are empowered to take their learning and growth into their own hands. (Perhaps this is an oversimplification because some children can be resistant to absorbing this message, even when we immerse them in it due to past events and traumas, etc. )

Developmentally, kids naturally embrace and embody themselves as fully WHOLE, recognized, loved, present, wonderful, kind, valued, and the list goes on.
Over time, something happens.

Suddenly Little Light Beam, we will call him Jack, wonders what he did wrong to be such a bad boy. And Little Amazing Sarah wants to know, "Why is school so hard? I can't do this," And sadly, the list can go on and on.

How do we as lightworkers, teachers, and parents create a shift in our culture?

How can we send the messages that:

You matter when you are behaving well and doing great academically.

You also matter when you feel antsy and energized and so your behavior isn't the best.

You matter when you understand something, and you matter when you don't.

You matter when you do your chores without anyone asking, and you matter when you don't.

You matter when you fib, and when you tell the truth.

You matter when fear holds you back, and also when you're brave.

You matter when there's darkness, because you're also the brightest light.

We must create a shift in the cultures and patterns all around us toward a culture of acceptance, grace, and love.

We can get the ball rolling in several ways. These can include words of affirmation, schedule changes, slowing down, meditating, body work, movement. Let's make a collective effort to create space for the children and teens in our lives in every way possible: physically, mentally, spiritually, and academically.

In accepthing this committment, we are committing fully to rising up and being willing to change ourselves and our patterns. We are putting in this great work not only for our future, but the future of the world.

Please share in the comments, "What changes and shifts you are looking to create in your life in order to help yourself and those around you to feel valued?"

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